Poke the POTUS President Voodoo Doll

The Original Presidential Fatigue, Anxiety & Stress Relief Doll. You might call it Voodoo. We call it a POTUS! 

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Poke the Potus Doll



Does the President have you feeling Perturbed? Panic Stricken?




Protest Peacefully and

Punish your own

Personal POTUS.



Poke Him!   Pinch Him!   Punch Him! Poke the POTUS!

A Presidential way to Relieve Stress & Anxiety. Perfect for the Pent-Up Pacifist

So Poke the Parody President Doll Now!

Remember, It's not a POTUS President Voodoo Doll, It's a Poke the POTUS.

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Poke the POTUS

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